Friday, September 8, 2017

September Tag Book

In Roben-Marie Smith's Claim Your Happy group she has a tag art challenge this week. Tag art uses shipping tags as the base for your art pages. Last year while shopping with my sister I found a great mini album with tags in it.

When I started thinking about what I wanted to do for Roben-Marie's challenge I decided to use this little book. Since it had 15 tags and I love the month of September I decided to combine the seven day tag challenge and do a mini book about the things I like about this month.

I took the first few days of the month and prepped all of my tags on both sides, giving me a page for each day of the month.

Here in northwest Ohio we are already experiencing fall temperatures and it's wonderful! The school year is almost in full swing now. Next week we start the walking school bus and in a few week's our after school program, so life is busy again. There's always a bit of adjustment time between the pace of work during the summer and the busyness of the school year schedule. But before it gets really into full swing the hubby and I will take a week of vacation the week after next and spend a few quiet days on the lake in a cottage. Plus take in a ballgame in Cleveland where our Indians are hot and ready for post-season! I hope you enjoy your weekend and take time to be creative, :)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Let Us Make Class

Because I love nature and combining that love with art and photography I decided to participate in a class on the Jeanne Oliver Creative Network called Let Us Make. The instructor, Sheila Atchley, is using the account of creation's first six days in the book of Genesis as the outline for the class. I'm enjoying listening to her read the Scripture and then talk about God's creativity.

I have decided to try some of her art techniques which are new to me, while at the same time simply using the Scripture and discussion as my inspiration for creating. One technique was to use acrylic inks and rubbing alcohol to create the separation of water and sky in Genesis 1:9-10. I was not happy with my results. On the first one done in an altered book journal, I apparently picked up the wrong roll of masking tape because it tore the watercolor paper as I took it off. The second attempt I did on a loose piece of watercolor paper, but still not thrilled with it. I'll have to keep playing around with the acrylic inks until I find a way to use them that fits my style.  So, instead,  I reverted to my favorite tools and technique to make my page- painted papers and collage.

acrylic inks

Once I did that, I decided to make a section in my commonplace journal dedicated to the art pages that result from this class.
My as yet untitled comonplace journal

I may try mixing in some of my photos from nature walks. Happy weekend to you!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Delight in His Creation

Recently, in an art video in a class by Sheila Atchley, I was reminded to take delight in God's creation as He does. To delight in something is not to worship it, but rather to take pleasure in it, to find joy in it. Nature shows us the beauty and creativity of God. My favorite way to delight in God's creation is through nature walks with my camera in hand.
"Worship the Creator; delight in His creation." ~Sheila Atchley
Today I am simply going to share some of the photographs I have captured of God's creation over the past few months.

Loons at my sister's lake.



Saturday, July 29, 2017

New Journal Themes

Last week on an Instagram post someone shared her artsy commonplace book and I remembered how much I loved this concept. A few years ago a friend got me connected to commonplacing, which is described as:
"Commonplacing is the act of selecting important phrases, lines, and/or passages from texts and writing them down; the commonplace book is the notebook in which a reader has collected quotations from works she or he has read. Commonplace books can also include comments and notes from the reader."  (From "Commonplaces: An Introduction" by John Hilgart and Van Hillard

Some other definitions:
  • A book into which notable extracts from other works are copied for personal use.
  • A notebook in which you enter memorabilia.
  • The recording of words and ideas in a commonplace.
I have always done this practice, even before I knew it had a name. In my writing journals I tend to write down quotes and passages from books I am reading in order to take them in deeper and to come back to them again.

When I saw the Instagram post, and then went over to her blog, I got the itch to make an art journal just for commonplacing. Again, I already do this in my written journals, but I love the idea of combining the practice with art....cuz everything is better with a little art added, right? 

Here is the picture that caught my eye. Lovely, isn't it? You can see the rest of Brandi's commonplace book at

Now that I have completed the 100 Day Project, and I have 100 Rolodex cards in my holder, I'm kind of tired of working on the small scale that the cards offered. 

So, I spent this week thinking about what art project (um, projects) to do next. First I decided to take a binder I had that is kraft paper covered and already had a paint background on it. I don't even remember what I had originally made it for. Whatever it was I changed my mind and didn't use it. I covered the inside covers with some patterned paper and will use this for my commonplace art journal.

I haven't decided on a title for this book yet. My first page is the quote I used by Shelly Miller when I spoke at my church two weeks ago. This quote, along with a similar quote by my pastor, has become quite significant to me and I want to memorialize this part of my journey.

The other project I started this week is connected again to my speaking two weeks ago. (I wrote some about it in this post) For the past six months God has been doing some deep healing and transformation within me and the passage in Philippians I spoke out of has played a significant role. I want to have something tangible to serve as a reminder. So I transformed a Traveler's Notebook insert into a journal devoted to this. The practice of taking what God showed me in that passage and doing art journaling from it will also plant it deeper into my heart, mind and soul. Not only does art journaling give me a venue for using my creative muscles, it is also another tool in my therapeutic tool bag.  

I just don't seem to be able to work on one project at a time! 

Enjoy your weekend and make time to be creative! :)