Sunday, June 24, 2018

Introducing My First Class and A New Words Challenge

Last December we journeyed together through Advent with Advent Words. In February and March we took another journey with Lent Words. Through these two journeys I discovered a type of challenge that weds together the two things that bring me great joy and provide me with renewal, refreshment, and emotional and spiritual energy: Bible study and art. The bonus that came out of these two journeys was the growth of a community of almost 200 fellow travelers who love Bible study and art as much as I do. And so the journey continues.

Introducing All In All: Colossians Words Challenge. Beginning on August 1 and running through August 20, we will use 20 significant words that will guide us through the whole book of Colossians. This book exalts Christ as Lord probably more than any other book in the Bible. It gives us a clear picture of who we are in Christ and how to walk with Christ. The words of this challenge will provide us with opportunities to dig deeper into this book and inspiration to express what we discover through art journaling. Daily devotions will be posted here on my blog and you can share your art and insights in a private Facebook group, while building community with others who enjoy Bible study and art. To join the Facebook community click the link here or on the button in the side bar.

I would also like to introduce my first class! I love to make my own journals and have made one to use in conjunction with the Colossians Word Challenge.

This journal is a sewn signature journal with mixed paper pages, tip-ins, pages that fold out, and a place in the back to keep study notes. Signature journals are one of my favorite types of journals. They are easy to make, not too thick, yet they provide numerous pages for art journaling. I have made many over the years:

Some with fold out pages:

Some with tip-ins using tags, postcards and other ephemera:

Now in this journal class I'm combining all of those things plus a few more to provide us with a special book just for our Colossians Words Challenge.

A sewn signature with book cloth spine

Mixed paper pages using a variety of ephemera

A place for study notes
Here's a brief flip through the journal:

Join me! The class will run from July 18-August 1st on a private blog. There will also be a private class Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your progress, and build community. I even have a limited supply of kits that include some of the items we will use: Bookcloth for spine, 1 vintage Dennison label, 1 vintage 4x6 tab index divider, 1 length of waxed bookbinding thread, 1 metal prong fastener, 3 shipping tags, and a pack of 20 papers that includes, map pages, ledger paper, index pages and other text pages. For more info on the class and the class kit or to sign up click on the link in the main menu at the top or click on the logo below.

Monday, June 4, 2018

It's ICAD Time Again!

ICAD 2018 began on June 1. This is my second year participating in this art challenge done on index cards. It fits right in with my love of using office supplies for art, especially vintage ones! 

Last year I did my ICAD challenge on 3x5" Rolodex cards and displayed them in a vintage metal Rolodex card holder.

This year I'm using a vintage wooden card box that I received for Christmas from my friend Jean. 

I'm not going to do the daily prompts that are provided, but rather make art based on the weekly theme. I'm using these vintage index card dividers, with their lovely yellow tabs, as my weekly dividers. They are alphabet dividers, but I'm using the reverse side. The challenge can be done on 3x5 or 4x6 cards. I chose to use 3x5 again this year as that is the size that fits in my box.

Here are my cards for days 1-4. This week's theme is to use typography or words or found text.

A little typography geometric collage using vintage magazines.

Made my own painted typography paper for the background.

Found text...with a bird, of course!
Because I love vintage office supplies and using them in art, I buy them whenever I see them at estate sales and flea markets. I made a section of my shop specifically for this years ICAD challenge. It's full of vintage items  that can be used to display your index card art or other supplies, such as dividers.

I also carry themed paper packs and other ephemera that can be used in collage and art journaling. Check out my Etsy shop here:

Monday, May 28, 2018

May Art Journaling Update

May has been a whirlwind with the end of the school year and so many activities. To top that off I was ill for almost a full week. Our theme in the Everyday Journals group was the Holy Spirit. I did a page in my journal to cover the whole month rather than a weekly page.

A few days before I got sick I went to one of our local parks. While walking I heard and saw a lot of birds. Once I got into the Window on Wildlife I saw a beautiful little bird that is not local. The Blackburnian Warbler is just passing through our area as it heads north for the summer. I also spoke with two gentleman from the west coast who were in our area to take in the Spring bird migration here. They reminded me how lucky we are to have the wonderful Metroparks that we do, as well as wildlife sanctuaries. I do not take them for granted, especially this time of year!

 A few more May pages in my Everyday Journal.

My other ongoing project has been the Salvaged Journal I made in participation in Roben-Marie Smith's online class. I'm using it as a nature inspired journal. It has a variety of styles and sizes of pages which is proving to be very good for experimenting.

 A dried and pressed wild Geranium from my walk at the park a few weeks ago.

This week we head into June. Happy creating!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My Salvaged Journal

In my last post I mentioned that I was taking a class with Roben-Marie Smith called Salvaged Journal. In this class we made a journal out of an old book and filled it with various of types of paper and ephemera in various sizes. It's almost like the junk journal concept that was popular w few years back. I had completed the journal in mid-April and have slowly begun to work on the pages.

Since the book I used had these great etchings on the cover of a bird, a flower, and a leaf, I knew I wanted to use this journal as a nature journal. It has a lot of pages in it so it should last me through all four seasons. I love starting it in Spring, which is my favorite season and the season in which the birds return. What I am finding with this journal, with its variety of paper types and page sizes, is that is encourages experimentation with art mediums. Here are a few of my pages before adding art:

For my title page I used one of my favorite techniques: hand cut letters. I used pages from an older National Geographic magazine because I love the vintage colors used in magazine photographs from the 50's and 60's.

So far I have a mix of pages using collage, paint, magazine photos, my own photos, painted tissue paper collage, and painted tissue paper cut letters.

I am really enjoying experimenting in this journal with different types of art mediums. It's good to stretch myself creatively. I have also learned that whenever I take a class it's important to me to keep my own style. Roben-Marie has more of an abstract style to her collage, and while I did try her style with some of the lessons, I found it just didn't feel like me. It's good to try other types of art and styles when taking class but it's also okay to take those lessons and adapt them to fit your own style and artistic voice. It's also encouraging to realize after a few years of making art that I have developed my own style. 

This weekend my friend Rox and I take our annual visit to the wildlife refuge on Lake Erie to experience spring bird migration. We have one of the top 5 birding spots in the country so close to us! Over the years we have exposed a few of our young friends to birding and will continue with that tradition this year. I hope to include some of my photos and observations in my new journal.

Some of my favorite art and bookmaking supplies:

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Everyday Journal April Update & More

I absolutely love Spring, but April this year has been a disappointment. Cold, overcast, snow as late as last Thursday - little is blooming and the leaves have not begun their arrival...until this week. On Tuesday it was 80 degrees, sunny and beautiful. The pear tree in our front yard had buds on it in the  morning and in evening when I got home it was in full bloom. I think nature is just as happy to see spring weather as people are!

I have not done a lot of art this month. I made a few pages in my Everyday Journal:

The 100 Day Project began on April 4th but I have only completed a few collage pages. I'm not sweating it and will just make pages when I can. I'm keeping with a "words" theme after doing Advent Words and Lent Words. My theme for the 100 Day Project this year is #100daysofcollagewords.

I had not taken any online art classes this year so I signed up Roben-Marie Smith's class called Salvaged: A Layered Pieces Journal. The class is about altering an old book into a journal and filling it with a variety of papers and ephemera. Altering old books into journals is not new for me but Roben-Marie taught us a way of binding the spine that I had not tried before. It has been a lot of fun gathering papers to fill it with. The class is not finished but here is my progress to date.

I used some old tea-dyed muslin I had for the spine and then stitched a few x's in it because I ran across a great spool of linen thread when I was digging in my quilting/cross stitch supply boxes.  The book is 8x11", which is larger than I normally like for an art journal, but I was drawn to the nature etchings on the cover. It did make finding paper large enough for the pages a challenge as you use paper folded in half to make the book signatures. I managed though! I'll post some pictures of the inside on a future post.

I reconnected with thrift shopping this month. It's been a while and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's more of a warmer weather activity. I did a shopping day with my daughter earlier in the month/ Another day with my hubby, and then last weekend the hubby and I went to a flea market. How I love digging around for old books and papers and other items! In addition to some books, a few vintage office items, and some ledger paper, I found some great wallpaper sample books, a bag of old letters and even a half full box of old Dennison's labels! The thrill of the vintage hunt is back on!

I'm going to see how the wallpaper works as background pages in an art journal.

I guess I did more art in April then I thought. It was just more building a journal than actual art pages. On to May!