Friday, September 8, 2017

September Tag Book

In Roben-Marie Smith's Claim Your Happy group she has a tag art challenge this week. Tag art uses shipping tags as the base for your art pages. Last year while shopping with my sister I found a great mini album with tags in it.

When I started thinking about what I wanted to do for Roben-Marie's challenge I decided to use this little book. Since it had 15 tags and I love the month of September I decided to combine the seven day tag challenge and do a mini book about the things I like about this month.

I took the first few days of the month and prepped all of my tags on both sides, giving me a page for each day of the month.

Here in northwest Ohio we are already experiencing fall temperatures and it's wonderful! The school year is almost in full swing now. Next week we start the walking school bus and in a few week's our after school program, so life is busy again. There's always a bit of adjustment time between the pace of work during the summer and the busyness of the school year schedule. But before it gets really into full swing the hubby and I will take a week of vacation the week after next and spend a few quiet days on the lake in a cottage. Plus take in a ballgame in Cleveland where our Indians are hot and ready for post-season! I hope you enjoy your weekend and take time to be creative, :)