Bible Study Tips & Techniques

Whenever I study the Bible, whether a small passage or an entire book, I use the methods found on this page. They are a combination of different methods, mainly known as Inductive Bible Study, that I have combined into my own style over the years. My desire when teaching or leading people through Bible study methods and tools is that the learner becomes skilled in learning how to study the Bible for themselves, rather than the learner sitting and being told what the Bible says. When we learn to discover what the Bible says, by taking the time and doing the work of Bible study, transformation of our heart, soul, and life takes place. On each page found in this section you will find different study tips, techniques and tools to help you discover the Bible for yourself. My prayer is that Bible study will be a joy to you and draw you closer to the Lord. I gladly accept questions via email:

Suggested Tools

I use the New International Version (NIV) when I study. I will use other versions and translations when I go through interpretation. I prefer using a study Bible. With a study Bible I have access to the introduction notes, which will provide background information and other details, and study notes on each page, as well as cross-reference notes in the margins.
Markers: (Click on picture for link to product) I have both sets as they offer some different colors in each.
Staedler Triplus Fineliners
Or Sharpie Art Pens (NOT the permanent markers - they will bleed through the page)

Notebooks(Click on picture for link to product)
I usually study with two notebooks. One for my study notes and another for an art journal to respond creatively.
For study I like dotted paper in a slim notebook so I can have a notebook dedicated to each book of the Bible.
For art journaling I like to use a junk journal I make myself or a Leuchtturm 1917 Journal.

I recently started using the ESV Scripture Journals to put my notes in through a book study.

Web tools will be on a separate page below.

Study Tips and Techniques

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