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A log of the challenges, including the current one, is below the introduction.

What began as Advent Words 2017, an Advent Bible study and art word challenge, continued as a journey through Lent. After the Lent Words challenge I began to receive requests for more Words challenges. In August 2018 journeyed through the book of Colossians with Christ is All in All: Colossians Words Challenge. Our next challenge returns to Advent in 2018 with Advent Words A-Z. Who knows where we'll go from there!

Words Challenges are designed to wed two of my top passions in life: Bible study and art. During a Words Challenge participants are provided with a daily Bible study/devotional for each word in the challenge. They are then encouraged to respond creatively with any creative practice they choose -
art journaling, collage, photography, poetry - whatever way they choose to interpret the word and Bible study creatively.

A private Facebook group is set-up where participants can share their art, join in conversation and build community. Join us! Click on the badge below to request membership in the Facebook group.

Our current challenges are:

Lent Words 2019

Click on link to download as a pdf

Click on link to download as a pdf

Participate in Lent Words 2019
  • Download the words calendar above. The April calendar will be added in a few weeks.
  • Join the Words Challenge Facebook group to share your art, your experiences and join the conversation.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Wordschallengegroup/?ref=bookmarks
  • Participate on Instagram with the hashtag #lentwords2019. You'll also find a words list there.

Living Your Word 2019: A-Z Inspiration

Valerie has practiced an A-Z of her word over the past few years. For 2019 she has designed a set of inspirational questions and activities for each letter of the alphabet. We have put together a list of word suggestions for each letter. Each person can select a word from the list, or make up one of their own, and explore how it is connected to their word for the year. Then you can use Valerie's questions and activities and find Scripture passages to go deeper into exploring that word in relationship to your journey with your word. In addition to the every other week A-Z challenge we will offer other practices and activities throughout the year to help you focus on your word and live it out. You can then share your thoughts and creative responses in the private Facebook group, and join the conversation and the adventure of living out your word of the year.

Below is the list of possible words we have put together. You can select a word from the list or choose one of your own. A PDF copy for printing will be in the Word Challenges tab above, as well as in the Facebook Group under files. We will use each letter for two weeks beginning on the date specified on the Word list. Valerie's posts with questions and activities will be posted on the first Tuesday of each two week period.

Click photo for PDF Word List

Join Our Inspirational Facebook Group here: Living Your Word of the Year

Advent Words A-Z

November 30 - December 25, 2018

Click on photo to download calendar
Or you can download a calendar without the background photo here.

Christ is All in All: Colossians Words Challenge

August 1-20, 2018

All Bible study/devotions will be posted on this blog. Art and conversation will take place in the Facebook group. Click on the words below to be taken to the post for that days devotion Bible study and art.

Day 1: Faith
Day 2: Love
Day 3: Hope
Day 4: Knowledge
Day 5: Wisdom
Day 6: Strength/Power
Day 7: All
Day 8: Church/Body
Day 9: Fullness
Day 10: Reconcile
Day 11: Holy
Day 12: Mystery
Day 13: Heart
Day 14: Death
Day 15: Life
Day 16: In Christ/With Christ
Day 17: Prayer
Day 18: Obedience
Day 19: Thankful
Day 20: Perfect/Complete

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