Friday, July 10, 2020

Thessalonians Words ~ Day 5: Lord

Day 5: Lord

Jesus is Lord. This is the confession that makes us Christ-followers. It is the expression that declares our belief in, and allegiance to, Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Jesus is Lord exalts Him to His Divine place as the Son of God, and as God Himself.

Let's look at what that word would have meant to Paul's Jewish and Gentile believers in the church of Thessalonica.

Lord in Greek is kurios (Strong's #2962). It's basic meaning is master, owner, one who possesses authority over another. Biblically it means the Supreme One who possesses absolute authority. The word "Lord" is used over 9000 times in the Septuagint, which is the earliest Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament. In the Septuagint it is the Greek word used for the occasions in the Old Testament where God is called Jehovah or Yahweh. In the New Testament kurios is used over 700 times and Jesus is referred to as Lord more frequently than any other title. Lord signifies Jesus' divine nature.

When the Jews heard Paul use the title Lord Jesus Christ, they were hearing literally that Jesus is God and the Christ, the promised Messiah. When the Gentiles heard Paul use the title Lord Jesus Christ, they heard that Jesus is King. In both cases, the title Lord given to Jesus, was meant to call the hearers to action:
Bow down and exalt Him.
Worship and obey Him.

Here is a quick rundown of just some of what the Thessalonian letters say about the Lord:
  • The church is established in the Lord Jesus Christ. 1TH 1:1; 2 TH 1:2
  • Hope is found in the Lord. 1 TH 1:3
  • His people are to imitate the Lord. 1 TH 1:6
  • Jesus, the Lord, is Savior. 1 TH 1:10; 5:9
  • The Lord is the substance of the Gospel message. 1 TH 1:8; 2:8; 3:2; 2 TH 1:8; 3:8
  • The Lord enables us to love (1 TH 3:12); to grow in holiness (1 TH 3:13; 5:23), to live in pleasing ways to God (1TH 4:1-2). 
  • The Lord strengthens our hearts and encourages us (1 TH 3:13; 2 TH 3:16-17
  • The Lord will punish those who are in sin. 1 TH 4:6, 2 TH 1:8
  • The Lord is faithful. 1 TH 5:24; 2 TH 3:3
  • The Lord is the Lord of peace. 2TH 3:16
  • The Lord's name will be glorified in His people when He returns. 2 TH 1:12, 2:14 He is coming again! We will dig into this more on Sunday.
Jesus is Lord!

Today I have posted a chart on the Bible Study Techniques page called Internet Bible Study Tools. This is the chart of the Bible study tools I use most often online. It will tell you what each site offers and what I use on that particular site most often. In the days ahead I will show you how I use some of those online tools.

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