Friday, March 30, 2018

Lent Words Day 39: Crown ~ Guest Christina Hubbard

Today's post for Good Friday is by Christina Hubbard. I met Christina a few years ago while participating in her Advent Book Club, Come, Lord Jesus on her blog. Christina's art form is poetry. She wrote the poem below using today's Scripture passages as inspiration. Today's Scripture readings are: John 19:1-3 and Hebrews 2:9. 

Thank you Christina for contributing to our Lenten Journey!

Good Friday’s Crown: the Day the World Is Saved
By Christina Hubbard
Drape me in black cloth
Today as I forego food,
Push away drink.
Lash me, not Him!
Sharp rocks unflesh
I cry out
In hunger and thirst
Because I don’t feel a thing.
He feels it all.
His very nerves fray apart
Before my eyes.
He is my Rock,
Hunched over.
Thorns, a grisly honor-crown
My Refuge.
I plod over stones,
Repurposed cross splintering
Exposed muscle.
They curse me.
I drain my life
For these whose saliva hits
Open wounds.
Spit speeds blood to clot,
But they know not what they do.
They do what they must.
I drag my death with me
But I cannot abandon this world
Though it abandons me.
I am chosen.
King of the Jews.
I do not love this world less.
Even more.
Why must redemption come with a slap to the face?
How can suffering heal?
What is good about crucifixion on a Friday?
Nothing seems good about sorrow
When we’re suffocating under it.
Good Friday.
Good death.
Good dying day.
How history pivots
On this slaughter!
A man’s torture
Tearing open heaven
Makes many wonder
How our universe really works---
How can such a horrible finish
Mean grace and honor,
Celebrated world-over
As good? As holy? As joy!
Good Friday is good
Because it is where all hope is lost
Before the God-man comes back to life,
And we are all saved.
God’s good day!
When the King of glory
Ate death whole.
Tell me again.

Christina Hubbard is a poet who writes memoir. As an internationally published writer, speaker, and retreat leader, she inspires creatives to courage and compassion. She lives on the suburban prairie of Kansas with her husband and two creative kids. Find her at

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