Monday, May 8, 2017

Creative Brainstorming

It's been said that creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it the more it improves. I continually join different classes and groups to keep my creative muscle in use and improving. Recently I joined two groups led by artists who have different styles and use different art mediums than the ones I usually lean toward. It's good to stretch my creativity out of its comfort zone and experiment with new products. 

I joined Tammy Garcia of Yellow Daisy Art to give heavy body acrylic paints a try. Her class, Groovy Grunge, is also stretching me to try new techniques and a different style. The class uses an altered book journal, which is one of my favorite types of journals. My first few pages from the class:

Some observations from the class so far: I love using the heavy body acrylics. They are thicker than the craft acrylic paints I'm used to. They are more transparent also, so more of the background shows through. There are also not as many colors to choose from so I'm getting some lessons in blending colors as well. I am following Tammy's lead and using my fingers more than a paint brush, which is always a favorite with me! I tried some writing using a paint brush and I think it needs a lot more practice.

I am keeping up (kind of) with The 100 Day Project making scrap collage on 3x5 Rolodex cards.The smaller size challenges me to get creative with a limited amount of items and words! Today is day 35 and I am through day 32. 

The other group I joined is an online art community led by Roben-Marie Smith. She offers different challenges and prompts and a place for art journalers to connect with each other. I have not done much with the prompts yet.

And finally, the first page in a new Traveler's Notebook insert. My sister and I introduced our littles to how to go to a different town and have a day of exploration and adventure. Great fun!

Are you keeping your creative muscles flexed and in use?


  1. You have certainly expanded your art! I love the pages you created. I joined the Daisy Yellow Index Card a Day. I joined a Joanne Sharpe spiritual journaling class that will start in a couple of weeks.

    1. I am doing the index-card-a-day also and am incorporating the 100 day project with the rolodex cards. Diane, the spiritual journaling class sounds interesting!

  2. I can still see your style peeping through the heavy body paint

  3. Yay, love love your pieces! You're doing incredible with the heavy body paints!! I enjoy seeing your daily ICADs on Instagram. :)