Monday, November 6, 2017

A Little Art Catch-up and the Coming of Advent

Art journaling does not always come easy for me. 

Some days I have a lot of background pages covered with painted papers from hours of fun just playing, but I struggle with what to put on those backgrounds. I find my well is dry of things to art journal about. 

Other days I have so many ideas of things to journal about that I'm almost paralyzed and veg out on flipping through Pinterest instead. I do eventually get most of those ideas onto my pages. 

I think I have creative attention deficit disorder. I generally will have multiple journals going at the same time (I think what I really enjoy is making journals!) and have multiple styles of art I am drawn to. I like messy paint filled pages, yet I also like a minimalist page with lots of white space and simplicity. So I dabble around playing with different art forms in different journals.

For the Get Messy Art community Season of Connections I've been adding pages to my accordion journal, recording things that connect with my soul.

Some pages in my commonplace book:

And some pages in my Traveler's Notebook:

Each journal gives me opportunities to work with some different styles.

Advent is just around the corner. This year it takes place December 3-24. Over the past few years I have enjoyed doing some type of art journaling on a daily basis to help me slow down and experience the season and its deeper meaning. Last year I did a book study using Kris Camealy's book Come Lord Jesus. In previous years I have participated in challenges offered by various art groups. But this year I have not found an art challenge to participate in, so I have decided to put one together myself using words of Advent as prompts for creativity.

I plan on doing my Advent art journal in a commonplace book style this year. I made a mini binder journal out of an old book.

Join me for Advent! Details on how you can participate will follow on the blog over the next few weeks.


  1. Thanks for naming my disease for me! Mine manifests itself just like yours. I've stopped counting how many journals I have on the go and in waiting - easily 20.

    1. LOL! Glad I'm not alone with this issue! Thanks for sharing Susan!

  2. Definitely suffer from the same disease. Looking forward to hearing more about your Advent project

    1. I'm in good company then, Bernice! I'm glad you are going to journey through Advent with me!

  3. I'm working on glue-book pages. Just finished uploading a "Fruit of the Spirit" one to Google +. Have you tried making a glue-book (en masse, paper scavenger hunt)? I have a whole list of inspirational type themes on my gratitude blog if you are interested.

  4. Excited to read just now on your Advent art for this year. I’m definitely in๐Ÿ˜Š! ...even though no longer on FB.
    I have some old books I’d like to use as you show here but how do you fasten the metal bracket inside? Thanks Mary for inviting us to join you.