Monday, September 24, 2012

My Style

This month the theme for The Art Journaler Community (TAJ) is "I am an Artist". I finally got around to making an art journal page for the theme:

I've been wrestling since I read the theme with actually calling myself an artist. My husband had no problem calling me this and encouraged me to accept it. {Thanks honey!} I don''t struggle with calling myself creative or a hobbyist (if that's even a word). I guess I just think of artists as those who can draw and paint images even though I know it includes other categories such as photography and collage. So I took the plunge and said "I am an Artist" on my art journal page. It is now forever recorded in my art journal binder.

What I then wrestled with is what my own unique style artistic voice. The problem is that I am eclectic in my taste and in what I am drawn to. I have always had multiple interests and I find that it is no different in art and hobbies. I love the artsy, messy, painterly collage style. But I am also drawn to the minimalist, clean, neat style. I love typography and fonts but also like hand lettering. I love making digital art and love making physical art on paper. I enjoy art journaling single pages and have got hooked on making travel journals. I enjoy making my own mini books and altering old books.
So I continue on my journey, make art, and search within for my own artistic voice. This morning I ran across a great quote on Pinterest that really spoke to me about this journey:

The quote is by Promise Tangeman, a graphic artist {} and the lettering was done by Lindsey Letters {}.

"Don't waste time looking for your style. The truth is you already have it, you may just need to create more in order to see it."

Love this! It fits with the "Be Who You Are" self-discovery journey I am on.

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