Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little Mixed Media Lesson

I learned a few tips for making mixed media art background pages from the wonderfully talented Roben-Marie Smith. (She can be found here: http://www.robenmarie.com) I have long admired her art journal pages and had an opportunity to take an online workshop from her as a part of a larger course called 21 Secrets.
My background pages from the workshop cut down to 7x9 for my current art journal:

Roben-Marie's next tip was to scan the full pages on your printer in order to cut up and

use for elements on future projects. Such a simple tip, but it was so cool! My scanned pages below:

We'll see what I create with the background pages and the scanned pages in the weeks ahead! On a side note, my lenses on my DSLR camera is broken so I am taking pictures of my art on my phone and then processing them in Photoshop Elements. Their not quite as good as the pictures from my camera, but it is amazing how well the Smartphone cameras take pictures. Amazing technology!


  1. I signed up for 21 Secrets this past week, too. Having lots of fun and being very inspired...! I always LOVE your artwork. Peace to you this weekend, kath

    1. There are so many classes it's almost overwhelming! Hope you enjoy them, Kathy! I'll look forward to seeing your work from the classes. Thanks for the comments!