Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Art Journaling So Far

So far this month I have been trying to catch up in my Documented Life Project journal. The project is in week 24 and I got caught up through week 22 and started on week 23. So I'm not too far behind! I'm just amazed that I've kept up with the project this far into the year, being the great starter of projects that I am!
Week 21 page spread ~
pictures from Memorial weekend at my sister's house on a lake.

Week 21 side 1

Week 21 side 2

Week 22 page spread

Week 22 side 1

Week 22 side 2

Week 22 challenge ~ add a house

Collage on May's divider page


  1. I love these pages of your journal and can't wait for your Tutorial #2 showing how you make your painted pages, background papers, etc. I recently made some painted circles following your Painted Circles Tutorial, and they turned out so pretty!! Thank you for all your instructions and tips so far!

    1. Thanks Krissy! I'm so glad you enjoyed painting circles. The next tutorial is coming soon!

    2. Sooo looking forward to your next tutorial!

  2. This is so incredible, Mary. I LOVE your art journaling, your collages, lettering, everything! Have a wonderful Sunday, hugs, kath