Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Little Bit of Vacation and a Little Bit of Art

We had a great fall vacation a few weeks ago. We spent a few days in a cottage near Lake Erie just slowing down and relaxing, took in a Cleveland Indians game, and then went to southern Pennsylvania for a few days. While still in Ohio we visited a state nature preserve, Sheldon Marsh, and took a walk and did some birding. Birding is quickly becoming a favorite pastime for me and each time I go out and add a new bird to my list it is quite a thrill for me.

This is the cove at the end of the trail.
This Blue Heron just kept posing for me. Every time I got too close to him, he would simply move a little further down the coast, but he never left the cove.

The best I can tell from my bird books is that this is a Common Yellow-throat Warbler.

This was as close as I could get, This is a Belted Kingfisher. Our first sighting of one! Ironically, earlier in the day we had been talking about how it would be cool to see one.

Male and female Red-winged Blackbirds

Time near the water and just relaxing at the cottage was a great way to start our vacation.

In my Nature Journal I have attempted my first drawing/watercolor. I have always been drawn to the look of watercolor and have been looking at different tutorials online. I finally got up the guts to try it myself. While it is no masterpiece, I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt. Of course, it was a bird that inspired me. :)

 On vacation I took some time to work in my Light and Sight journal I made last month and wrote about in my last post.

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  1. So very happy you had a time of rest and inspiration! Your lettering makes me so happy!!! I am so impressed with your bird drawing and watercolor! Great pages, sweet friend. <3