Saturday, February 11, 2017

Meandering 2.11.2017

"Meandering: adjective; the act of following a winding or indirect course. Ramble, roam, zigzag, circuitous. A blog post about a variety of things; a little bit of this and a little bit of that."

After a three-month break, due to the holidays and a sister who had,  not just one, but two surgical procedures in January, we finally got together this weekend for a day of hunting vintage. Last year on one of our Grand Rapids hunting vintage days we visited a place called the Craft Outlet.. The day we found it was their last day of business before moving to a new location. So yesterday we hunted down the new location and were we pleasantly surprised. Not only did we find a lot of great deals but their new location in in a renovated warehouse! Seeing as we who love old buildings, vintage, repurposing and renovation the ambiance of this store made the visit there so much more special for us!

This place was so great! Good thing we found it because we found nothing at the many thrift and vintage stores we visited. Our day would have been a total bust except for the Craft Outlet and simply being together! Oh, and a good visit together to Target!

In the past few weeks I've worked on a few art journaling projects:

I finished my intentions page for my One Little Word journal.

I started journaling odds and ends in one of my Traveler's Notebook inserts, filling it with quotes from books I'm reading, documenting some of my life, and adding in prompts occasionally from groups I belong to. I was really missing The Document Life group and happened upon the rebirth of this group as "Life Documented" through a blog post from one of the former admins.

This quote speaks right to my heart and soul!

Last week a new theme began in the Get Messy Art Journaling community: the Season of Art 101. We're going back to basics and playing with different mediums. The first week's theme was watercolor and I chose the prompt about beginnings.

I'm putting my Season of art pages in the journal I started for December's 30 days of lists. I got too busy at work to do much art so I didn't fill the whole book. It's a great size with 5 x 7" pages.

Well I've meandered enough for one day! Tomorrow my sister and I will be vendors at Kalamazoo's Vintage Market. We're looking forward to a day of hanging out with lots of people who love vintage things. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. OK Girl! LOVE all your pages!
    I enjoy looking them over!