Saturday, April 15, 2017

March Traveler's Notebook Art

In my last post I wrote about coming out of a creative slump. During the time I struggled with that slump, it wasn't that I was not making any art, it just didn't come easy. Many times I would sit to make art or write in my journal and just felt blank. I struggled to focus and ideas would not easily come to me. But I did make some art, mainly in my Traveler's Notebook.

As I wrote in the beginning of the year, I kept coming across photos on Instagram and Pinterest of these wonderful Traveler's Journals, so I decided to try something new for art journaling this year. Now after three months I have to say, not only do I love using the TN for my art journal, I also like the calendar and organization aspect of it. It's all working quite well for me!
 A journey through late February and March in my Traveler's Notebook. Many are from prompts for Life Documented.

We don't normally associate flowers with Ash Wednesday, but the Life Doc theme was floral so I just went with it!

Again, sticking with the floral theme, with a prompt to cut a window from our page.

Prompt: Use scraps from your table...I made circles from them!

The right side is one of my pieces for The 100 Day Project. I'm making collages using scraps from my scrap box. More on IG and a post coming soon!

A great quote!

And another great quote!