Thursday, October 19, 2017

Completed September Tag Book

Last month I was inspired by a challenge Roben-Marie Smith to use shipping tags for art. I took this mini tag book I had found at a thrift store and decided to make an art journal about some of the things I like about the month of September. My completed book:

I really enjoy making books. Whether I fill them completely or not, the joy for me appears to be in the making! I made an accordion book for my next project and intend to fill it with things that connect to my soul for the Get Messy art community Season of Connections.

For most of the year I haven't felt like going thrifting, but I took some time last weekend and went to some estate sales and thrift stores and had a great time. I'm adding a few of my finds to my Etsy shop this week. Tomorrow my sister and I are taking a much needed and long overdue sisters adventure day. We'll see what we can find in Lansing, MI!

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