Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Everyday Journal Update & Repair

The photo below shows different page sections from my current Traveler's Notebook insert. This is a sketch notebook insert with heavy weight paper, similar to mixed media paper. Soon after I reached the halfway point some sections of pages started coming out. I repaired them with a long stapler designed for creating booklets, but soon more pages began coming loose. So this weekend I decide to resolve the issue more permanently.

I prepared each of the sections that had come loose and the main portion of the journal with holes and then sewed it all together like a book signature. Nothing fancy or pretty, but it's now nice and tight and I should be able to finish filling it just fine. The Midori Traveler's Notebook inserts I've ordered are assembled with staples, so I ordered some from a different maker who sews her notebook bindings. They should stand up better to the many layers I place on my pages. :)

We are almost a week into Lent and most of my posts have been about the Lent Words creative challenge, which I am doing in my Everyday Journal as well. I am also trying to keep up with my weekly page spreads. Here are the past two weeks:

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