Thursday, April 5, 2018

My Everyday Journal and Other Art Bits


During the month of March I didn't do much more than the Lent Words Creative Challenge. I did the Lent challenge in my Everyday Journal. as that is my year long challenge in 2018 (everything in one journal). Because it was a 40 day challenge I have already filled up two Traveler's Notebook inserts for the first three months of the year.

I only managed to make one weekly page during March.

The annual 100 Day Project began this week. I hadn't planned on participating this year since I just completed a 40 creative challenge. However, I enjoyed it so much last year that yesterday I caved and decided to participate again. My theme this year will be "100 days of collage words", and in order to stick with doing my projects in my Everyday Journal, I'm going to mainly make small collages on my weekly pages, although I may do a few full page collages as well.

Day 1

Day 2
I'm working on getting connected to my word for the year once again: flow. I realized I have another intention that I didn't know of back in January. I want to let some dreams I have for my art life flow. So I'm going to work on the process over the next few months and see what comes from it. More on that later as I explore it.

It's spring break here, even though the weather in northwest Ohio feels more like winter. I'm enjoying some time off and spending this week doing some of the things that bring me energy.

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