Sunday, June 24, 2018

Introducing My First Class and A New Words Challenge

Last December we journeyed together through Advent with Advent Words. In February and March we took another journey with Lent Words. Through these two journeys I discovered a type of challenge that weds together the two things that bring me great joy and provide me with renewal, refreshment, and emotional and spiritual energy: Bible study and art. The bonus that came out of these two journeys was the growth of a community of almost 200 fellow travelers who love Bible study and art as much as I do. And so the journey continues.

Introducing All In All: Colossians Words Challenge. Beginning on August 1 and running through August 20, we will use 20 significant words that will guide us through the whole book of Colossians. This book exalts Christ as Lord probably more than any other book in the Bible. It gives us a clear picture of who we are in Christ and how to walk with Christ. The words of this challenge will provide us with opportunities to dig deeper into this book and inspiration to express what we discover through art journaling. Daily devotions will be posted here on my blog and you can share your art and insights in a private Facebook group, while building community with others who enjoy Bible study and art. To join the Facebook community click the link here or on the button in the side bar.

I would also like to introduce my first class! I love to make my own journals and have made one to use in conjunction with the Colossians Word Challenge.

This journal is a sewn signature journal with mixed paper pages, tip-ins, pages that fold out, and a place in the back to keep study notes. Signature journals are one of my favorite types of journals. They are easy to make, not too thick, yet they provide numerous pages for art journaling. I have made many over the years:

Some with fold out pages:

Some with tip-ins using tags, postcards and other ephemera:

Now in this journal class I'm combining all of those things plus a few more to provide us with a special book just for our Colossians Words Challenge.

A sewn signature with book cloth spine

Mixed paper pages using a variety of ephemera

A place for study notes
Here's a brief flip through the journal:

Join me! The class will run from July 18-August 1st on a private blog. There will also be a private class Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your progress, and build community. I even have a limited supply of kits that include some of the items we will use: Bookcloth for spine, 1 vintage Dennison label, 1 vintage 4x6 tab index divider, 1 length of waxed bookbinding thread, 1 metal prong fastener, 3 shipping tags, and a pack of 20 papers that includes, map pages, ledger paper, index pages and other text pages. For more info on the class and the class kit or to sign up click on the link in the main menu at the top or click on the logo below.

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