Thursday, November 26, 2020

Prepping For Advent And Beyond

 Prepping For Advent And Beyond

I finally finished my journal for this year's Advent Words challenge. It's actually the second one I made. The first was made with old book covers and a few signatures, but it just wasn't going together right. So I put it aside and started over with a simple one signature pamphlet journal. I covered the pages with painted papers and some patterned papers. I decided to number my pages this year using gold painted paper. I'm ready to begin the challenge on Sunday! Would you like to join me? I will post daily devotions and art to go along with the daily Advent Words. I invite you to respond to the words and Scripture readings with any creative practice you choose. Post on Instagram using #adventwords2020 or in our private Facebook group: Words Art & Faith Challenge Group

This year's Advent Words calendar can be found at the end of this post.

I also added a list of the Advent Words to my Everyday Journal.

For some time I've been thinking about how I want to set up my Everyday Journal for next year. I haven't decided on a word of the year yet, but I did know that I wanted to do something with weekly page spreads. I didn't do much of that type of journaling this year because I just didn't find the right kind of set up. I don't connect much with doing the the planner style or something like a diary. I'm more interested in something like a visual commonplace book. A place where I record quotes I like and passages from books I'm reading and notes from Bible study or sermons, bird watching notes, and notes about things I find when I go thrift shopping, little bits of collage, things I'm grateful -  the things that make up MY life.

So I made a template to use as a guide for laying out my weekly spreads. 

Along with a monthly title page and various pages through out the year about my word of the year, I now have a plan for journaling in 2021. My Leuchtturm journal I used this year is only half full so I'm going to continue using it next year. As journaling and art challenges come up I'll make separate journals for those.

If you choose a word of the year or keep an Everyday Journal I am part of a group of women who share their art and their faith with each other. We supply ideas for helping each other live out our word of the year. Join us! Living Your Word of the Year Facebook Group

Click HERE for a printable version

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  1. You made a nice book, Mary. I myself never dare to paste or paint the pages in advance because I am then 'stuck' to a certain motif or color and do my images match that?
    But in the meantime I know that everything always blends harmoniously with you.
    I'm looking forward to getting started!