Thursday, April 1, 2021

My Resurrection Words Journal


My Resurrection Words Journal

Tomorrow we begin a two week words challenge called Resurrection Words. The Resurrection Words Challenge will run April 2-16 with daily Bible study devotions to go along with the words. The words are based on the new life of faith that was made possible through the sacrifice Christ made with his own life on the cross for the forgiveness if our sins. This new life is empowered by Christ's resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit. As Christ's followers we are called to live a resurrection life. This is what we will explore through the words in this challenge.

I have not worked in a traveler's notebook for quite some time, but I came across a photo on Pinterest that made an old book into a traveler's notebook journal. I love altering old books, so I decided to alter one to hold traveler's notebooks. I intend to use the notebooks in this altered book journal for all three of this year's Words Challenges -  the current one, a summer challenge and my annual Advent Words challenge.

I have a collection of old books with marbled paper covers that I have been saving to make into journals. I selected one that the traveler's notebooks would fit nicely into. By adding eyelets to the top and bottom of the spine I had reinforced with book linen, I was able to put elastic ribbon through them to hold the notebooks in place.

I'm all set to begin. And I hope you'll join me! Simply respond to the Scriptures and devotions for each word with whatever creative response you choose - collage, painting, poetry, journaling, Bible journaling, photography, etc. Then post your response on social media using #resurrectionwords. Or you can join the private Words Challenge Facebook group and post there, as well as join the conversation.

We begin tomorrow!

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