Thursday, March 10, 2022

February Art Journaling

 February Art Journaling

This year for The 100 Day Project I am making #100daysofminicollage. Here are days 1-15:

These mini collage pieces are being made in the corners or along the page edge in my daily art journal or in my Spiritual Formation journal. This way they adorn my pages for other projects.

Other projects I am working on or participating in are: Making pages for the Rhythm of My Daily Life (my weekly or monthly pages of life stuff), my weekly Formed By the Word project each Friday on my blog, documenting my word of the year (formed), and I joined Hope Wallace in her Patreon group where we get prompts for each month connected to personal growth and creativity.

I post the pages I make for Formed By the Word each Friday, but here is one of the pages where I used my mini collage from the 100 Day Project along the page edge and then one in the corner for Ash Wednesday.

I hope you had a creative February!

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  1. I love all your pages. The Hope Wallace group sounds a good idea