Friday, November 23, 2012

Upcycled Art Journaling

Upcycle: using ordinary objects to make something extraordinary. describes it as: taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative.

Upcycling in my art journals and travel journals is a habit I began quite by accident. The graphics on a conference flyer I received in the mail at work drew my attention and I couldn't throw it away. I cut it up and used it in my art. That led to looking at mail and other items with new eyes. Then, earlier this year, I took a class with Stephanie Ackerman ( and she had us cut words from magazines to use on our art journal pages. When I started making art journals from old books my love of upcycling took on a life of it's own. Now everything is a possibility to be used in my art. Nothing is viewed as it once was...trash or junk or old or useless.

One woman's trash is another one's treasure.

1. maps  2. magazine words  3. sheet music  4. altered book art journal binder 
5. book pages  6. paint chips  7. magazine pages  8. maps
9. magazine words & letters  10. old books  11. book pages  12. envelopes
13. sheet music & dictionary pages  14. catalog  15. book page  16. map & book page

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