Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1 John ~ The Journey

Way back in April our church started a journey on Sunday mornings through the book of 1 John. This Sunday we will complete the journey.  I was impacted a great deal by my time studying through the book for our Creative Team meetings each week. As we journeyed I made art journal pages as different things stood out to me. John really focuses on our love for each other being our distinguishing mark as Christ-folllowers.

The last three are my most recent pages:

One theme I noticed throughout the book was John reminding his readers of the gifts God has given His children: His love, the Spirit, eternal life through His Son, insight to know Jesus.

Throughout this journey I have felt a deep conviction to look at how I love others; to examine my heart when my thoughts and actions are unloving, and most importantly, to embrace God's love for me and let His love be the driving force behind my love for others. Our love for each other must be expressed in practical ways ~ in action. In John's perspective, loving God and loving others are inseparable, for when we love others God is seen in us. May this journey through 1 John continue to impact me, and our church, to love others with the love I have received from God through Christ. Today may you know in your heart the great love God has for you.


  1. Lovely art journal pages, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing your personal journal pages as you studied the Word and felt a deeper meaning of the word Love. I am touched that you are willing to put yourself out there to inspire others to read and study the Word. I think the idea of writing the lessons and messages in an art journal allows us to understand deeper, rather than just taking a few notes or underlining spots in the Bible. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Cynthia! Art journaling as I study and meditate on Scripture has really been a great way for the Word to permeate my life. It cements it in my soul so to speak.

  3. Mary, these are GORGEOUS! I love script, and yours is so lovely. And the colors...ahhhh. I am so happy that you linked up with us at LivingTheStory at bibledude. You've certainly inspired me to think differently about my journaling. I can only imagine the way that rendering these pages allows the Word to develop a tangible quality. And when the Word is real to us, aren't we more likely to live it out? I wonder if you see the word and the image on the page when you are away from it. As a visual person myself, that tree representing the Spirit, in particular, will stick with me, reminding me that apart from him, I can do no good thing -- including (and perhaps especially) LOVE. Thank you again for joining us. Such a pleasure to "meet" you.
    - Ashley Larkin (LivingTheStory team, bibledude.net)

  4. These pages are beautiful!! Wow. And "what great love the Father has lavished on us" - those are some of the most powerful, meaningful words to me, but they are given even more power through your lavish, layered, gorgeous images.
    I'm so glad you linked with Living the Story.

  5. I'm seeing more and more of this lately, these art journals are so intriguing. Your pages are gorgeous. What a beautiful and inspiring way to share your creativity with inspiration from scripture. Thanks for linking up with us at Living the Story this week. It's lovely to meet you.

  6. The Scriptures touch us each in such personal ways, don't they? I loved seeing these creations because it was like a glimpse into how the Spirit works not only IN you, but THROUGH you. Beauty.