Thursday, September 26, 2013


After much thought I have decided to open an Etsy shop. My passion {obsession} for making altered book art journals and collecting old books and paper ephemera has overflowed beyond what I can use for personal use. Two things also helped me in this decision: the altered book art journal I made for my sister and the vintage paper pack I put together to giveaway on my blog back in July. I really had a blast making those items for other people!

So I have launched my shop: {found on brighton}! It was so hard selecting a name. I love vintage things and I especially love re-purposing them in my art - altering books into art journals, using book pages (especially from dictionaries!) and other paper ephemera on my pages and taking everyday "found" things and suing them in my art or as a tool to make art. Nothing is safe -  bubble wrap, my husband's drywall tape and our plastic paper plate holders have all been used as stencils or masks. Envelopes, book pages, receipts, clothing retail tags, and junk mail have all made their way into my collage and mixed media art. I use "found" items all the time! Brighton is simply the name of my street. So I just pulled this random name out of the hat and it stuck.

In addition to carrying altered book art journals and vintage paper packs I will also sell vintage items. Some books I run across at book sales are simply in too good condition for me to allow myself to rip them apart for art. I also run across and have collected a lot of vintage items over the years that I will be adding. A girl can only collect and keep so much! I will also be offering themed vintage paper packs, themed around items, interests, initials, names, locations, etc..

So I invite you to stop in and visit my Etsy shop! There's a little Etsy link over on the right side of my blog. Open the door, hear the little tinkling bell as you do, smell the old books and paper and glue as you explore the shelves of my "found" things. :)

Altered book art journal:

Vintage paper packs:


  1. Mary - congrats!!! It is exciting isn't it!!! I just opened one as well a week ago. I am absolutely fine tuning all that I said in it...not being so sure what to do! The amazing coincidence here...I LIVE in Brighton!!! lol I wish you all the success in the world and will pop over and see your site. Many thanks for including me in your announcement. Samara

  2. Congratulations, Mary - I hope you do really well; you deserve it, your work is lovely! God bless x

  3. congrats mary! sell long and prosper! xoxo

  4. Congratulations on your launch. I hope you do really well.

  5. Your paper packs look amazing - going to have to check out your shop!