Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Around Here Lately

Lately I have been doing art journaling on a small scale - 3 x 5 to be exact. I started working on smaller art when I started my Rolodex art journal (see the start here). Lately small has been quick and easy. I stumbled on the Index Card a Day (ICAD) art challenge and 30 Days of Bible Lettering. These two challenges have been running at the same time and I am "loosely" following them when I need a creative spark.

Working on this scale has resulted in my looking at things differently when I am shopping vintage, mainly office items. In preparation for the upcoming vintage market we are participating in I have been altering various office items to use as art journaling display.

I have hit the jackpot in my thrill of the vintage hunt shopping with lots of file boxes and a lot of clipboards in various sizes.

So, we are finally approaching our first vintage market which will take place this Saturday.

I moved my dining room table into the living room and "staged" (can you tell I have been watching too much HGTV and DIY network lately?) my booth in the dining room so I can be prepared. Staging helps insure that I have enough tables and other ways to display my items. It will obviously look somewhat different on grass and under a canopy tent!

We found a few new shows on HGTV and DIY that have been inspiring our vintage business. Masters of Flip, Nashville Flipped and Vintage Flip - all three shows specialize in buying vintage homes, restoring them and then selling them. We've been flipping channels between them and Cleveland Indians baseball!

A few more Bible Lettering pages done in my altered book journal instead of the small scale:

I'm off to a personal retreat for a few days to do some stuff for ministry and then we have the vintage market! Here's to hoping you all have a great week!

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