Tuesday, August 2, 2016

July Manifesto

In the One Little Word group I belong to our challenge for July is to come up with a manifesto that aligns with our intentions for the year and encourages us in our goals. My manifesto came to me easily because I immediately thought of a little saying my sister and I have been using for the past few months - "You don;t know until you try".

This year my word for the year is rest and right from the start of the year
I have been embracing changes that create health and help prevent burn-out. Through it all I am putting habits into place that help me rest in God and gain a healthier outlook and a healthier body. I have found in recent years that creativity is really a vital part of keeping myself healthy emotionally and mentally. On our sisters road trip this past February my sister and I reconnected with our love of hunting vintage items. Over the months since that trip we have been on the "thrill of the hunt", discovering vintage shops and markets and fairs in the areas around and between our homes in southwest Michigan and northwest Ohio.

Through it all that little saying above started popping up. We hate passing up great finds but honestly neither one of us needs much in our homes after years of collecting. So in the spring I started carrying vintage items in my Etsy shop. Then we started a Facebook group where we share our journey hunting vintage items and ideas of how to use them. 

Then in June we decided to enter a vintage market that took place July 23, after all, you don't know until you try!

It was the hottest day of the summer with heat advisories, but we had a good time and I met the owner of Great Finds in Maumee antique store....and a week later I now have a booth in that store! Stepping out and trying the vintage market and a booth in the antique store has enabled my hubby to join the adventure with repurposed furniture.

A mindset of "you don't know until you try" has really enabled us to step out and take risks. The thrill of the vintage hunt combined with art journaling exercises my creative muscles and, while it is hard work, it is so energizing! What might be on your list of things to step out and try?

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  1. Wow! You are so brave and so creative! Congratulations, Mary! I admire you even the more.