Monday, December 5, 2016

Advent Day 5 & Some December Lists

For Advent this year I have been following along in Kris Camealy's new Advent book Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting. Kris' daily devotions follow the December calendar, December 1-25, rather than the Advent calendar. I have also been a part of the team at our church who have been writing devotionals and have created weekly Advent guides. Links to all of these resources are below.

Today's reading was a reminder that Advent itself is a reminder to us, that while we live life in a broken and sin-filled world, we wait for a day when God will heal all things.

"Comfort, comfort my people, says your God." Isaiah 40:1

"The ripples of life leave us stumbling, exhausted, weary and defeated. But this is not how it will always be.
"Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; the uneven ground shall become level, and the rough places a plain." (Isaiah 40:4)
One day, God will grab hold of the edges of the earth and straighten forever the wrinkles that sin has gathered in its fists. Things now are not as they will be. Isaiah tells us that this leveling out will reveal the glory of God (Isaiah 40:5)....The things of this earth will fade, but in God's perfect, appointed season, He will mend what sin has broken. We will celebrate for eternity, a perpetual Christmas, in the very presence of Jesus." ~Kris Camealy, p24-25.

I am also participating in the 30 Days of Lists December project. I enjoy these daily list-making projects because they provide a quick, simple way to make a little art. And the December project is another way to connect with the season, plus look back a bit over the past year. Here are my lists for Days 1-4:

I have even crossed off one of the items on my "things to try this season" list! November and December are busy times in my job overseeing community outreach at my church. For the past few years I haven't set up our Christmas tree. I think part of the reason I stopped decorating for Christmas was in reaction to the 20+ years I worked in hospitality and retail - those industries just sucked the holiday spirit right out of me! I have written in the past about how participating in Advent has restored the spirit of this season in me and I think simplifying holiday decorating pairs with that well. So this year a small tabletop tree, a wreath on the door and a centerpiece on the dining room table bring some Christmas sparkle to the house without the exhaustion!

Come, Lord Jesus: The Weight of Waiting by Kris Camealy. Available at Amazon.
Come, Lord Jesus Advent Book Club at Creative and Free.
Visit my church's website where we are offering a weekly Advent theme devotion and resources on our blog: Grace Church 
30 Days of Lists December

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