Saturday, December 31, 2016

Season of Gifts

Yesterday I wrote about the various projects I did in December alongside the various ways I participated in Advent this year. My final project for December is the Season of Gifts which is the current theme in the Get Messy Art Journaling community. Throughout the year this community offers a variety of themes, giving its members a weekly set of art and journaling prompts to choose from for inspiration. The challenge is to create an art journal page from the prompts  once a week for the duration of each theme. I have yet to complete this challenge for a particular theme. But that is going to change in this current season! Below are the first four pages for the Season of Gifts:

Week 1 - a favorite quote about gifts

Week 2 - a favorite Christmas song

Week 3 - use something from a gift you received...and glitter

Week 4 - Gift wrap a page ..I wasn't ready to leave behind the Christmas songs just yet!
Two weeks left of the Season of Gifts. :)
We are heading to my sister's today for our final family Christmas celebration. Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year's Eve!

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