Saturday, December 16, 2017

Advent Day 14 ~ Salvation

Today's word is salvation.

"How beautiful on the mountains
    are the feet of those who bring good news,
who proclaim peace,
    who bring good tidings,
    who proclaim salvation,
who say to Zion,
    “Your God reigns!”
Listen! Your watchmen lift up their voices;
    together they shout for joy.
When the Lord returns to Zion,
    they will see it with their own eyes.
Burst into songs of joy together,
    you ruins of Jerusalem,
for the Lord has comforted his people,
    he has redeemed Jerusalem." 

Isaiah 52:7-9

"She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus,

because he will save his people from their sins.”
Matthew 1:21

"And you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High;
    for you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for him,
to give his people the knowledge of salvation
    through the forgiveness of their sins,
because of the tender mercy of our God,
    by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven
to shine on those living in darkness
    and in the shadow of death,
to guide our feet into the path of peace.”

Luke 1:76-79

Today reflect on the words of the Scriptures in these passages and enjoy more art from some of the talented and creative people who have joined me in this Advent art challenge.

My journal pages for today:

Art from the group:

Bernice Hopper is doing her art on fabric covered paper. See more at her blog: Newly Creative.

Rafaela De Queiroz Oliveira is posting her digital art pages on Instagram. See more at IG @rafaeladequeiroz.

Jessica Clevenger is using her painted papers and doing this challenge with her mom ZudaGay Pease, her art is below.

Crystal Becker is doing the challenge with her 9 year old son, Barret.

Sharon Peart Altered a photo she took for this page. Sharon is sharing about her pages on her blog

Isabelle Salce has made a journal for her challenge in beautiful traditional Christmas colors. You can see more of Isabelle's pages on Instagram @giverney_27.

Kathy Shaull is filling an altered book art journal she made for her pages. You can see more of Kathy's pages on Instagram @13prayers

Theresa Poole made a wonderful scrapbook album for her Advent pages.

Kim Beldowski is adding drawings to her journaling.

 If you have been a follower of my blog for long, you know I love birds. These next two ladies both used birds on their Peace art pages:

Diane Kundrat collaged a variety of images on her page. You can see more of Diane's pages on Instagram @dianeybugs.

Leigh Ann Lukens collaged in her signature cut painted paper style. You can see more of Leigh Ann's pages on Instagram @leighannlukens.

I have provided ways for you to see more of each person's art for those whom I have Instagram or blog information. Enjoy the great talent and creativity from this group. More to come next Saturday!

Last week I think I failed to add Instagram id's or blogs for the art I posted, so here is the list:
Shawna Rash @artfromthespirit
Jane Lydia Henderson @janelydialoves
Tracy Woodsford @sojournertracy
Distinctly daisy
Sherry Fukuda Cartwright @wondramous
Ellen Etzler @ellenetzler
Cindy Mayfield @yappingcatstudio
Lindsey Van Niekerk @lindseyfoj
Olga Lucia Orozco @olgaluorozco

The Advent Words 2017 prompts and Scripture reading calendar can be found in this post or in the Facebook group.

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