Monday, August 15, 2022

Galatians Words Challenge Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

I feel the need to blow the dust off of this blog. It's been so long since I have posted here. I have spent the summer studying the book of Galatians. A book study is always a sure-fire way to re-ignite both my passion for the Word and my spark for creativity. So, haing done that  - and thoroughly enjoying it -  I am ready to announce a new Words art and faith challenge!

Galatians Words: September 1-30

Let's jump right into some of the details.

1. What is a Words art and faith challenge and how does it work? My Words challenges combine Bible study and creative response. They takes place in this manner: I provide a list of words that are key to the book of the Bible we will study. The words will "walk" us through the entire book. Along with the words are a key verse or passage. Then I will post a Bible study devotion each day of the study to help us see how the author has used that word in the book. I encourage you to study as well, then read the devotion, and then respond to it in whatever creative manner you choose.

2. That sounds like a lot! I may get overwhelmed, so how do I keep up? First of all, you don't have to keep up. Reflection on Bible study is best done at a pace that enables the Word to permeate your heart, mind and soul. So, don't worry about schedules! But for those of you who will worry about the schedule, I've slowed down the pace for this Words challenge. I will post a word and a Bible study devotion every other day in September, giving you a day in-between to do your own study and to respond creatively. The calendar is at the end of the post.

3. That brings me to the study part: My desire with the Words challenges is to encourage you to dig into the study too, not just to read what I have studied through my Bible study devotion posts. To that end, this time I used a different tool. The English Standard Version (ESV) has published a scripture journal for every book of the Bible. It gives you the book with the text on one page and a lined page next to it for notes. You can mark up your passages, write observations and study notes, and have it altogether in one place. I even added some tip-in pages in mine for extra notes and will do a tutorial post about this before the study begins.

You can click on the photo for a link to purchase the Scripture Journal on Amazon. *Please note that as an Amazon affiliate I do receive a small percentage for sales made through links on my blog.

4. Where can I share my creative responses and join in conversation about the study? You can post on Instagram using #galatianswords and #wordsartandfaithgroup. You can also join the private Facebook group set up for the Words challenges:  Words Art & Faith Challenge Group. Click on the link here or the button in the sidebar on the right.

I made an accordion fold journal to put my Galatians Words art in, which I will give you a preview of toward the end of the week.

I would encourage you to get a Scripture Journal and begin marking the key words. Pick a different color for each word and circle or box them throughout the book. Noticing key words and color coding them is a great way to jump into Bible study and be creative at the same time! (BTW,one of my favorite fineliner markers for Bible study are the Stabilo point 88. Amazon has a great deal right now on a set of 40.)The word list and calendar are below.

Click on the photo for a printable version without the background

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