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How to Add Extra Notes Pages to ESV Scripture Journal


How to Add Extra Notes Pages to ESV Scripture Journal

In just a few days the newest Words Challenge will begin as we go through the book of Galatians together with Bible study and creative response. If you missed the intro post you can read it here and a sneak peek at my Galatians Words art journal here. In both posts I mentioned that I would be using a new study tool this time: An ESV Scripture Journal. ESV has a Scripture Journal for each book of the Bible. They give you the text on one page and lined pages for notes on the facing page. It's a great way to keep all of your study notes in one place. You can purchase them on Amazon by clicking on the picture link below.

However, as much as I like these Scripture journals, I found that at times one page for notes was not enough. So let me share today how I added extra pages. All you need is some washi tape or masking tape (1/2 to 1" wide) and extra paper - lined, dotted, or blank - and some scissors.

1.  Cut your extra paper to 5 1/4 x 7 1/2". The pages in the Scripture Journals are a bit larger but they have rounded corners. At the size I specified the extra page will fold into the journal nicely.

2.  Cut some strips of tape 7 1/2" long.

3. Lay a piece of cut paper next to the Scripture Journal page you want to add it to. If possible keep a very slim margin between the two papers, less than an 1/8". This will help your taped page fold nicer. Place one 7 1/2" long piece of tape so that it overlaps both pages. Press firmly using a bone folder or the handle of your scissors.

4. Next you will place another piece of tape on the opposite side, making sure it overlaps boths pieces of paper. Press firmly. Once tape is on both sides of the paper, fold the extra page into the journal page. Then run a bone folder or the edge of your scissors along this fold on top of the tape to create a crease.

5.  You can even add extra pages to the extra pages! I wanted to take notes on each of the words separate from my study notes. So, with my first extra page taped in place, I then added another page going through the same steps. I then added another page behind the second page.


Using patterned washi or masking tape will give you a decorated edge.

Get your Scripture journal, add in your extra study pages, make or buy an art journal, and get ready because the Galatians Words Challenge will begin on September 1st! There is a calendar of the words below. Also, join the Words Challenge Facebook group and share your photos and join the conversation. You can also share on social media with #galatianswords and #wordsartandfaithgroup. 

I truly enjoy doing these Word challenges in community. Bible study and art are both best shared!

Click on photo to download a printable version

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