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Galatians Words Journal Sneak Peek


Galatians Words Journal Sneak Peek

After two and a half years of dodging it, Covid has finally hit our house. I've been down for the count most of this past week. By Thursday I managed to feel well enough to get a little creative. Here is the promised sneak peek at the journal I made for the Galatians Words challenge.

Last month The Handmade Book Club held a five day challenge making accordion fold books. I decided then to make one for Galatians Words. My accordion journal has 8 panels, which gives me 15 pages plus a cover. It has a flap where, eventually, I will add a closure of some type. 

For my art pages I made 15 background pages of collage. They measure out to be 1/2" less than my journal page size all around, which makes the collage page float on the book page with a border. It also allows me to work on the pages apart from the journal and add them when they are complete.

If, by chance, you also did the accordion book challenge, I used the directions for the "4 Panel Accordion" and made two of these, gluing them together. If you did not take the accordion book challenge, I would recommend googling accordion fold books. They are quite simple to make and there are many instructions to be found online. But, of course, use whatever type of journal you like!

The cover of my journal gives a great clue to what is at the heart of the book of Galatians. Each phrase is Latin for the heart of the gospel: Sola gratia = grace alone. Sola fide = faith alone. Solus Christus = Christ alone. Salvation is by God's grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.  As we explore the book of Galatians together next month we will experience Paul's passion for nothing but the gospel of grace and its call to unify us.

If you haven't read my last post announcing the challenge you can read it here. I mentioned in that post that I am using an additional study tool that I found quite helpful. The ESV Scripture Journal for the book of Galatians. It gives you the book with the text on one page and a lined page next to it for notes. You can mark up your passages, write observations and study notes, and have it altogether in one place.

You can click on the photo for a link to purchase the Scripture Journal on Amazon. *Please note that as an Amazon affiliate I do receive a small percentage for sales made through links on my blog.

If you want to get a head start on connecting with the book of Galatians, get a Scripture Journal, take the list of the words we will be using, set up a color code for them and mark them throughout the Scripture journal. You can also do this by simply printing out the book on copy paper. Those words will then stand out as you read and study the book.

Next week I will post a tutorial on how to add the additional study note pages to your Scripture Journal, like you see in the photo above. I'm so excited to dive into this book with all of you!

Click on photo to download a printable calendar

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